Friday, April 29, 2011

April: Goldfinches In, Goldfinches Out

The data are now in for seed consumption in April, and the month was a rollercoaster ride, thanks in large part to our American Goldfinches. The gluttonous ones were noticeably absent early in the month but returned in force during the third week: I put out nearly 13 pounds (6 kilos) of sunflower seed in that seven day period. But they didn't stay long. Consumption has been quite a ways down since April 25th and I am not now seeing the goldfinches when I'm home.

Safflower consumption remains fairly constant: it hasn't varied much beyond 3 pounds (1.4 kilos) a week all year. Generally that's taken by Northern Cardinals, House Finches, and Mourning Doves.

The 2011 totals so far? 161 pounds of sunflower (73 kilos) -- approximately four 40# bags, 52 pounds of safflower (24 kilos, 2 sacks), and 21 suet cakes. Plus 15 pounds of everything else. And the year is one-third over. Stayed tuned next month for what happened in May!

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