Thursday, April 28, 2011

Chipping Away

Lately we've been seeing a great deal more of the Chipping Sparrows. Although they are rated as perennials in this part of the southeast, I'm never actually sure if we are getting more of the wintering birds from farther south, or whether I'm just noticing them more in the spring. Whatever the case they're very active below feeders and woody edges, probing for seeds, insects, and whatever they can get. They'll investigate our deck but hardly ever go to a feeder. What amazes me is how easily they can blend into the background, even when I am looking directly at them. The slightest loss of focus and they vanish from view! And we treasure the view, as this species is our only reliable all-year sparrow on the property. Other species are seasonal, or absent entirely. For me, two sparrows in the bush are worth more than one in the hand!

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