Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Chickadees Doing Okay

For much of 2010 I observed a sharp decline in photo counts of Carolina Chickadees. The picture was sobering: Jan-Jun 2008: at least one photo on 55 days Jul-Dec 2008: " 50 days Jan-Jun 2009: " 46 days Jul-Dec 2009: " 75 days Jan-Jun 2010: " 25 days <--down 50% I assumed some were wiped out, possibly by a regularly visiting Cooper's Hawk. But for whatever reasons: territory fill-in, or reproduction, or returning from absence elsewhere, the Chickadee numbers returned to normal: Jul-Dec 2010: " 53 days I admit I don't see them as often as I expect, nor do I ever see more than one at a time, but the data are reassuring and that chickadees are toughing it out at Cary BirdCam. And as such, I'm expecting a good nest season and the sight of family groups again. We shall see.

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