Friday, April 8, 2011

Last Sweet Song of Winter

There are plenty of birdy moments that will take me by surprise. Today offered a big one. It's the second week of April, the temperature was well past eighty, pine pollen is raining down... and I heard a White Throated Sparrow singing lustily in the afternoon hours. I don't remember hearing them quite so late. This species is usually off to the north (summering and breeding in much of Canada, the Great Lakes, and the northeast). There is a small chance I'm hearing a migrant from much farther south, but I am skeptical, as I heard these characters last weekend. Whatever the cause, it remains a bittersweet thing to hear that Oh Sweet Canada Canada Canada and know we won't enjoy it or the bird much longer. It may have lingered, but it is still the last lovely sound of winter.

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Woodduck said...

I enjoy the song too. Thanks. Glad the tornados left y'all safe. Oh, I got to witness a brown thrasher pecking at and running off a large kingsnake the other day. The thrasher was defending a huge japonica and actually pecked the snake. The snake had a large bulge but I didn't witness what he had eaten.