Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Might Be a Wren Nest For Real

Looks like I have an ongoing story to tell. Last fall I put up a bluebird-quality box on a post, in hopes of our first successful bluebird nest ever. I didn't get that, but some weeks ago somebody stuffed a mess into the box... and nothing happened. I guessed wrens. Eastern Bluebirds make graceful and polished nests. Carolina Wrens...don't. They'll mash up all sorts of nonsense. Then, today, more mess went in. A lot more. Leaves, moss, hay, squirrel hair (I think), and Lord knows what else. The stuff was even coming out the front door! The box is almost 75% full. And I am thinking this is the real deal. Wrens will make test nests, but that much work suggests that the female said "do it." I'm watching the box carefully, and maybe we'll see some interesting doings. Stay tuned.

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Woodduck said...

"They'll mash up all sorts of nonsense," certainly describes the wren nest I recently discovered in a backpack I had hung in the outdoor shower last winter and forgotten...happy trails.