Sunday, April 17, 2011

Not So Cute Little Birds

Most of the time, we deeply enjoy our avian friends. They provide comforting feeding views and bright colors. Their chicks are cute. But there are times...when they are at best sneaky imps bringing the worst possible news. Here we see a visitor to the house of one of my neighbors in the cul de sac. This Brown Headed Nuthatch was beating on the house, either undertaking a nest excavation, or worse still, going after bugs resident in a rotting board. Suddenly this nuthatch wasn't a cute "squeaky toy", but more of a pest. The damage will soon be repaired, and this nuthatch will be off seeing food or nests in better places. But it is all a good reminder that Nature is a neutral force in our lives, utterly indifferent to the concerns of creatures such as we. Birds aren't always just the sweetest little critters.

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