Friday, April 22, 2011

Siskins, Yet Again

Today afforded me the rare luxury of an early return from affairs of the office, allowing in term some pleasant time watching activity at the northwest feeders. After some time a realization dawned that there were other birds moving with the mob of American Goldfinches. And that would be Pine Siskins: an ephemeral, irruptive species of the winter time. Here we are, deep in April, and they're still here. The ID was conclusive: the bills are small; the wing edges are yellow. As for whether they're the same birds we watched in the deep of winter I have no clue. I would think so. There should not be migrants coming from much farther south. Nature continues to surprise me. Hummingbirds and Siskins, in the same field of view, in central NC. Who'd have imagined?

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