Sunday, April 10, 2011

They're Baaa--aaaack!

For much of March and the first week of this month, we were blessedly short on gluttonous finches, both House and Gold-. And then, the feeders started emptying quite a bit more quickly. A few minutes' observation revealed the cause. The little piggies were back from whatever exile they imposed upon themselves. It's mostly American Goldfinches, and they were on virtually every feeder on the property. Oh sure, they're attractive. But the appetite rather overwhelms me. What was worse was that I heard Goldfinch-ish twittering from all the trees on the other side of the cul de sac. Are there hundreds of these imps? Or is that my fevered imagination? It's going to be very interesting to see what will take place in the next days and weeks, whether the hordes will take over, or whether they're just passing through. Stay tuned.

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Deb said...

Not only am I getting the Goldfinches but the gluttonous pine siskins are here as well!