Sunday, May 15, 2011

Can't Lose That Fightin' Feelin'

It's terribly funny that the smallest species or varieties (think Poodles, or Hummingbirds) are often the feistiest. This morning I availed myself the chance to sit back and watch the doings at several feeders. The highlight? the first hummingbird fight I've seen this season. My nectar feeders are all claimed by one or more birds (I can't tell how many!) and they're always females. And these females are quick to chase away interlopers, as one did a few times. I think I'm flattered that my humble nectar feeders are worth fighting over. But the hummingbirds surely would fight over any good food source: vines, flowers... you name it. It's in their DNA. They just can't lose that fightin' feelin'.

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