Saturday, May 28, 2011

Good Grief! There are Four!

I've reported that several species of our birds produced twin fledglings. One of these, I thought, were the Eastern Bluebirds. Turns out, that was wrong. Very wrong. Over dinner Thursday I realized I was seeing three young bluebirds pestering the adult male. And today, that lineup was four youngsters! I double checked those field marks and it's unmistakable. The photo shows three of the little (well, not so little now) rascals. The adult was exceedingly harried trying to placate all four, although at least one is getting the hang of the suet feeder and I imagine the lot will be feeding on their own before the end of the coming week. What an amazing sight! I have not seen a backyard brood on that scale before, and it's a real pleasure knowing how successful the bluebirds have been this season!

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