Friday, May 27, 2011

Things Interesting at the Bird Baths

Our bird baths are in operation 365x24 but it is really most entertaining to watch use in the warm months. I get a kick out of the various splashing and thrashing some species do to keep the feathers clean. Robins are definitely the best to watch. But the Catbirds and Thrashers can be quite fun, too. It's also interesting to see which birds prefer the ground level bath and those that will accept the pedestal. Pretty much any species seems willing to take a drink from the pedestal, but the list of ground level bathers is higher. The Brown Thrashers, for one, always orient to the ground level. Robins are indifferent, and in fact one of the juveniles is camping out at that same bath. I've posted BirdCam out to watch things for a few days and give me a detailed look at the customers. I may have good data next week...will be interesting!

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