Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Suet Consumption Surges in May

The data are in for the May segment of the ongoing consumption experiment of 2011. What stands out? not sunflower seed: that remained virtually steady with 38 pounds laid out in the month. Safflower seed consumption rose a solid 73% over April: Mourning Doves and Cardinals account for most of that. But the showstopper was suet (both cakes and nuggets) for which the cafe guests took 18 pounds (!), up 200% in a month. In fact, I put out as much suet in May as I had in the three previous months combined. Simply amazing stuff, but no surprise as the fledgling season is in full swing. Things will start to taper off in June, but I'll be surprised if a nosedive is in the works. More in a month...

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