Friday, June 3, 2011

Appreciating the All-Too-Common

Had an exchange with a bird buddy concerning a serious flock of Evening her feeder. Not mine. Down here, they're "rare" and might show up if folks have a bad winter up north. Instead, I am told I'm envied for my Eastern Bluebirds (well, I can see that) and Tifted Titmice. Say what?! Them??? The little fussy, noisy, obnoxious, whiny imps? But on reflection, I get the point. Sure, the TT's are all those things, but the place would sure be a lot different if they weren't here. They're cute in a devilish way, and I have something to talk to when filling the feeders. After all, odds are high that one of these characters will be talking to me...and probably not politely. So for the sake of the Titmouse-deprived of Oregon and other places, I'll strive to appreciate these birds just a little more. Even if they drive me up a wall...

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