Tuesday, June 7, 2011

At Last the Bottle Has a Bird

Faithful readers will recall my four years' efforts to actually put a bird in my Colonial Williamsburg "Bird Bottle." For three years, not on the house, zero appeal. Not even a twig was dragged into the bottle. Over winter I gave in and put the bottle on the house (in Williamsburg style) in a shady corner of the facade above the garage. I reasoned that the Carolina Wrens that tried to mightily every year to build their nest inside the garage might find the bottle appealing. Earlier this spring, material went in, but no activity resulted. The male set up a test nest, but it was rejected by the female. Today I watched a pair busily bringing material inside. Before I had to leave for the office I watched ten incoming passes, each with a wren carrying a twig or leaf. So the bottle finally got its bird. Will it see a fledge? We'll be watching!

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