Monday, June 13, 2011

Intense Nest Activity in New Boxes

Mr. Curiosity developed an itch today to investigate the current state of the two newest nest boxes. They're identical, mounted on posts, and set back a little in the woody area. And today, both had masses of thick twig material. Whodunnit? This is not the style of our Carolina Wrens which use a lot of pine needles. Nor does it match the known work of Bluebirds, Titmice, or Nuthatches. It's not as tidy a job as I'd expect of Robins, and not quite the Cardinal style, either. I've seen this pattern once before and given its feeder site at that time attributed it to a small bird. Very strange stuff. My nest ID skills are rather weak hence I am leaving myself baffled and hoping I can catch a glimpse at the perp in coming days. Ideally, I hope a hatchling comes of the thing(s). We shall see.


Ed said...


That is a House Wren nest.


David R. Lindquist said...

Hm...I appreciate your input. Frankly, I confined myself only to birds I have ever seen here, and for years all I have observed are the easy-to-ID Carolinas. Maybe some HW's moved in and I overlooked them somehow. Will keep a sharper eye out on all the wrens to see if any are Houses.
Best regards...