Friday, June 17, 2011

A Treasure Discovered

I am deeply obliged to fellow NC'er Woodduck for turning me onto a hitherto-unsuspected treasure. That would be a vintage copy of the 1942 Birds of North Carolina, edited by the great T. Gilbert Pearson and published by the NC Department of Agriculture. I already own its older, larger cousin Birds of America (albeit a 1956 reprint of the 1917 original.) Each is rich in descriptive detail if (as is true with BONC) very weak in illustrative material, but it's fun to see early work by Roger Tory Peterson, an example plate which is shown to the right. Most of all, it's an amazing snapshot of the way things were nearly seven decades ago. How much has changed everywhere in this state! There be similar lost treasures in your own region--- I used Alibris to locate this book. See what you might find!

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Woodduck said...

Happy you found your treasured copy. I found mine online from a Philadelphie, PA bookseller; and discovered the bookplate of the famous ornithologist, Robert Cushman Murphy, on front inside board! That was my "Treasure Discovered."
I thought you might enjoy the "Migration of Birds at Raleigh" pages with the dates of arrivals.