Sunday, June 5, 2011

Who the Water Calls

The Bird baths have been getting good traffic in recent weeks, especially during our ongoing Piedmont heat wave. Here's the roll of species I recorded paying visits, using the Wingscapes BirdCam:

  1. American Robin

  2. Brown Thrasher (shown)

  3. Common Grackle

  4. Eastern Towhee

  5. Gray Catbird

  6. House Finch

  7. Mourning Dove

  8. Northern Cardinal

  9. Northern Mockingbird
What's more interesting to me is the list of species I haven't seen. No Chickadees. No Titmice. No Bluebirds. Nor Woodpeckers, Warblers, or Wrens. The BirdCam doesn't miss much, hence the others get their water elsewhere or elsewise. I have seen some of these species at the bird baths in the past, but I don't see nearby sources of water of any consequence. I'll need to look harder, evidently. On goes the count!

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