Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Another Success

Not only did our relocated Bird Bottle come up sevens this weekend, but I am beaming with satisfaction that the nest box I put up in September finally yielded Bluebirds! Monday allowed me to watch some conspicuous feeding activity at the box, and I'm pretty sure there are hatchlings inside. This gives further credence to the common wisdom that Eastern Bluebirds prefer boxes out in the open. I wasn't sure I was in the clear, but sited the box in the best place I had. Sure enough, that was what was needed. As the bluebirds already had one brood in May, I am sure this is a second or even third effort, and only late did the box get the nod. I wonder if the earlier nest site is less favorable in high summer. In any case, we may see more such success in the years ahead. And I no longer need to fuss over this box. On to new challenges!

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Rich said...


Congrats on the Bluebirds! I was also able to get a pair to nest in a new box in my yard this spring.