Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Seed Counts at Midterm

The ongoing bird food data collection exercise for 2011 continues to affirm--and surprise. At right are my monthly totals since taking on the measurement task on January 1st.
* February is still our standout sunflower seed month--something of a surprise given how much I think I shoveled out in May and June!
* As expected, suet is at its peak now. May and June are the leaders--all an effect of feeding youngsters? I'm sure that is already cooling down.
* The biggest surprise? that would be consumption of safflower seed which has grown steadily during nest season. I laid out over a sack (25#) in June alone, and I swear that happened at one Cardinal-favorite feeder that I'm filling every day.
* All categories should start showing smaller numbers as we advance into high summer. That's been my experience, but I don't have the hard data to know by how much.
More next month!

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