Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Little Exterminator

Carolina Wrens provide a distinctive service at the house--that of exterminator. These little guys are every day probing every crack and crevice in search of insects, spiders, you name it. I see them regularly at the main nectar feeder, and I suspect they're drawn there by the flies and bees that manage to get in. Long time readers may recall that our wrens have demonstrated the trick of sticking their bills into the feeder ports and I'm convinced that's for the insect snacks. Whatever the case, these are valued services here and I count myself pretty lucky to have an on-site exterminator!

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Woodduck said...

My wife just reported a catbird on our front porch, eating bugs, moths, whatever. I just provide them with fresh water.
Some robins starting to clear out as the wild cherry berries are disappearing.