Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bluebirds, and others, at the Bluffs

We paid a visit to our local nature preserve Saturday and enjoyed definitive proof that edge species are doing very well.  Hemlock Bluffs is fronted by a long brushy edge: in spite of an active four lane road a decent meadow-and-edge has been maintained.  And on Saturday we observed activity by Summer Tanagers, White Breasted and Brown Headed Nuthatches, Blue Grosbeaks, and Eastern Bluebirds.  In fact a long row of bluebird boxes has been in that environment for several years and the birds are taking to them and thriving in a habitat rich in food sources.  We took a look inside one of the boxes near the preserve parking lot and found this nest.  Things are good for these species, they are reproducing nicely, and at least in our corner of the Triangle successes are following successes.  If only I can get nearly as much traction here at home!

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