Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wrens Up to Usual Summer Tricks

Yes indeed.  As the weather gets quite warm in late spring, the wrens begin their annual drive to annoy me by poking around the garage whenever they find an open door.  Of course, in actuality, they are looking for a nest location that is warm, but more hospitable than in open sun.  And every year they seem to think a shelf in the garage fits the bill.  I have caught the little devils twice already.  Happily, I have given them a pretty good alternative that wrens actually used last summer.  My Williamsburg Bird Bottle was relocated to a shady corner above the garage, and for once, last summer, it did its job.  I am hoping the wrens make the same decision this year, but it obviously will take a little longer for the birds to elect their fallback position.  So the Bird Bottle watch is underway...

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