Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Finches Are Everywhere

When reviewing the output of my Wingscapes BirdCam, I am always struck by the ubiquitousness of the "Hollywood" House Finch.  These blasted little rascals are found, frequently, on every seed feeder on the place.  And there are currently seven of those.  Some people may complain that squirrels eat all of the seed.  Not here.  The squirrels are poor competition for these stomachs with wings.  I know there are at least a dozen birds who work our property, and given that everywhere I look I see finches, there may be half a dozen more.  Great Gravy!  What these pests don't know is that very soon the seed feeders are going to be shut down for a few days and maybe, as in February when I last had need to stop the seed flow, I'll get some peace.  The finches will move on and bother some other poor soul.  That will be interesting.  Can't wait!

1 comment:

Dave Wenning said...

It's the same way up here! That looks like safflower seed and they really love it. I am getting restarted also after a cool-down for the same reason. Good luck.