Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hummers Not in Sight

The pattern of hummingbird visibility around here has a very two-steps-forward, one-step-back look every year.  It takes a while to see one after they're known to be passing through, and then we see some birds, and then we don't (really), and finally they're as regular as, well, squirrels.  And we're in that early summer lull now.  I have seen and recorded Ruby Throateds.  Now, even with the help of BirdCam, I don't.  Some of this may be due to nesting, some to the attraction of competing options (such as Trumpet Vine and my neighbors' flowers).  But who really knows?  I'm keeping the nectar feeders filled, and cleaned, and biding my time.  Soon: hummingbirds in abundance!

Note to readers: I'm shutting down posts for a few days.  Just need to do some business that will distract me.  I will be posting again on June 19th.  See you then!

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