Thursday, June 21, 2012

Seaport Gulls

My last of three great Mystic Seaport (CT) species encountered is Herring Gull.  We saw several, and unfortunately they were all mooching on tidbits offered by tourists.  The Herring Gull is extremely common on North American coasts and flyways and appears all year round on the northeast coast.  In fact, we found this bird in the company of two Great Blackbacked Gulls (also a year rounder on the northeast coast) but my camera eye erred in favor of the bagel-wielding bird.  Such is life.  And of all the birds we saw, this would be the one most likely to be perceived as the harbor bird, which made the encounter at least plausible (which the English Sparrow wasn't!)  Great Trip: might do it again one day.

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