Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Clutch of House Wren Eggs

Readers may recall that about two weeks ago I gave up demolishing a succession of House Wren nests in our post bluebird box.  I concluded that the wrens' persistence equated to serious use of the facility.  That has turned out to be the case.  I found a clutch of four eggs in the nest this morning.  The parents were nowhere in sight or hearing, but the weather is certainly warm enough that no extra incubation is needed!  Well, I would prefer the bluebirds at the box but they never seemed interested this year.  We'll see what comes of the House Wrens. 

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Woodduck said...

Too hot to fight 'em! Enjoy what you get, then.
I've been staying in more, with all this heat and re-reading an old book, 'My Winter Garden', by Maurice Thompson. Many old bird notes by this author. May be hard to get your hands on a copy....happy trails.