Friday, July 6, 2012

Squirrel Update

I know that some, maybe all of you have read my squirrel posts over the past year and said, "Ha! they may behave now, but that will stop, sure as the sun rises in the east."  But that day has not come.  Our resident squirrels, and there appear to be four of them, continue to be extremely cooperative with the current feeder arrangements.  They are not climbing into feeders, raiding suet, or any of that.  No, these animals park themselves below the northwest feeder tree and content themselves with what can be found there.  And it must be a good deal, as I see squirrels there through much of the day.  But the softy that I am, in appreciation for their good citizenship, dragged out the old platform feeder and throw a few ounces of sunflower seed into it every now and then.  I may even start to like them...

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