Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Back, At Long Last!

Hello, dear readers!  I must apologize for the incredibly long delay in returning to the blog.  I am victim of the vicissitudes of computer life, I fear.  I marvel that I had an operating base station for perhaps four days between July 21st and this past weekend.  The hard disk has been replaced, and the data has been restored, and Bird Cam is back in action.  And I can start reporting on what's going on---at last!  This comes at a strange time, for it is about the point in our year when our wonderful little hummingbirds make their way to their winter camp in Central America.  We have seen them at least as of today and each day is an extra blessing.  They never really seem to stay long enough.  And in 2012 we had an especially abbreviated season as for whatever reason I didn't really start seeing them in force until June.  And now they're packing their bags...  Well, I'll keep one feeder out in the forlorn hope of seeing the elusive Rufous Hummingbird in the winter.   Goodbye(?) Ruby Throateds...see you in 2013.  And for you readers, I will be back tomorrow.

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