Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Good Year for Doves

If I were to characterize a year in terms of only one species, this year it would have to be "Mourning Dove."  For whatever reasons, these birds had a simply spectacular year here.  I have never seen so many doves!  Clearly they were either so well fed and resourced that they experienced uncommon breeding success, or I have fed doves so well that birds have congregated here.  And what's more remarkable is that in the relatively few years here when feeders were established that we've gotten there from nearly zero.  That is, doves took their time adjusting to the cafe.  Of course this upward trend won't continue.  Predators like Coopers Hawks will take notice of well fed, slow moving Mourning Doves and profit accordingly.  For now, I get to marvel at the herd.

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