Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Squirrel Update

It's time, dear friends, to give you an update on our favorite backyard nuisance, most wretched sciurus carolinensis, the Grey Squirrel.  Readers know that I like to report on dealings with these little troublemakers, although 2012 has been an incredible success story.  My good fortune just continues on and on: no feeder raiders, no devastation, and no problems.  The animals that show up (and I seem to be down to two right now!) are content to work at ground level below a feeder station and clean up dropped seeds.  I had no idea I would be reaching the point where I almost like to see the rats show up, but indeed it is so.  We have peace with Chumley, and Dudley, and Lindsey, and Brettley.  Will I have as good a winter?  we shall see!

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