Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Suet Philosophy

I had a conversation today with an acquaintance who developed the idea to put out suet in her back yard.  And she asked me for "a good recipe."  Which I couldn't do.  I definitely encourage anyone who wants to prepare their own homemade suet using fat scraps and grains and whatever else the birds might consume.  It's just that I am not one of those hardy souls.  I'm a devotee of prepared product, specifically one cooked up by the good people of C&S.  Their stuff is squirrel-proof (bathed in hot pepper!) and formulated to handle temperatures even in the peak of our southern summers.  The homemade stuff is just too messy, nasty, and subject to melt for me.  Nor do I have the time to boil fat in the kitchen.  What's the right philosophy?  do what strikes you as the best.  The birds will care less which product shows up. 

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