Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 Backyard Bird of the Year

There has been a lot to appreciate about our various backyard birds in 2012, and it seems apt to honor the standouts.  Hence I've decided to nominate a Cary BirdCam Backyard Bird of the Year in appreciation for the standout.  There were several good choices: the bluebirds had a great year, the wrens were pure entertainment, and Hermie the Thrush was in top form.  But this year's winner is the Northern Cardinal.  Here's my reasoning for awarding the prize to "Big Red".  First, they did so well in our habitat with a standout breeding year and several broods.  Second, they surprised me with tube- and suet-feeding that was unexpected.  Third, they annoyed the neighbors...or at least one crazed male made such an impression attacking rear view mirrors they're still wrapping them in plastic!  How can you beat that kind of fun?  So cardinals, thank you for such a great year!  You're marvelous!

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