Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Sublime Moment at the Bluffs

Every so often we are permitted to experience what the philosphers of the Romantic era called The Sublime.  And for me, one of those moments came today at the Hemlock Bluffs Nature Preserve.  After a desultory exploration of the bottomlands I returned to the upland access trail and came across a veritable convention of American Crows.  There were easily two dozen, gathered and unhappy, making quite the commotion.  One's birder instincts say "something is being mobbed".  And indeed something was, and I found this Great Horned Owl, perched high in a Loblolly Pine, studiously ignoring the crows.  But it did pay me some attention after I made some GHO calls.  Given that these owls patrol areas of 500 or more acres, finding one in daylight around these parts is a special event indeed.  In fact, that was definitely my special sighting of 2012!  Sublime, indeed.

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