Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Cardinal Update

I think it's been rather a while since my last Northern Cardinal update.  Hence it is high time to remedy the omission!  And this winter things look simply marvelous for our resident cardinals.  They have plenty of their favorite seeds (safflower ranks high) and perfect habitat---lots of tangly cover, even in winter.  We continue to watch a family group although some of the members from late summer appear to have peeled off, perhaps (or we hope) to new situations.  I think we have eased traditional cardinal skittishness as well, as our cardinals feed all hours of the day.  Granted, they seem to like sunrise and sunset the best, but they are easy to find in broad daylight.  And the color! in winter, cardinals do truly shine.  It will be a fine season for these marvelous birds...

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