Sunday, January 6, 2013

Enjoying the Window Box

It is always interesting how simple things can provide such manifold delights.  I always find that to be true with our little window box.  Simple thing.  Inexpensive.  But it is positioned so that the quiet reader in the sunroom can enjoy a feeding bird in the bleak days of winter.  Our visitors this winter have mostly been the piggish House Finches.  There are occasional Tufted Titmice and even the odd Northern Cardinal.  But as much as I scold the finches, I don't mind seeing them.  I wonder if they're odd birds out, or birds on the edge of their society.  Our usual finch mob is very much social and the birds each together.  But here are finches who work this back corner away from the others.  The finches will fly in with a "thunk" and gobble at the trough for some time.  What a contrast to the hit-and-run titmice!  There are many more weekends to enjoy these doings.  Winter is hardly done with us yet!

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