Monday, January 7, 2013

Feelin' Kinda Junco

There's no especially good reason why I am posting about Juncos today.  It is indeed winter down here, such as winter gets in North Carolina.  This morning was overcoat weather and there was a bite of bite in the wind.  And that just said winter.  And the holiday lights were more or less all down, and thus the street was darker.  And that really said winter.  And there's just one bird that says winter to me, and that would be my buddies the Slate Colored Juncos---Snowbirds.  But just as importantly, I decided for my birthday I'd pick a bird that cheers me up in winter.  And so, while feeling "junco" on two counts, you get to enjoy this BirdCam photo of one of these cheery little birds.  Just 'cuz.

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