Thursday, January 17, 2013

Feeder #2: Long Tailed Suet Holder

I've gone through several types of suet feeders over the year, but none has been quite so satisfying as this model, obtained from the good people at Duncraft.  This product holds two suet cakes, making space for more diners, and it has a long wooden tail ideal for woodpeckers needing to brace themselves with their tail feathers.  Yet, it is accepted by other species as well.  The interesting thing was that the woodpeckers actually needed some time to figure this feature out.  But once one or two did, the rest followed suit and all of them---flickers, Red Bellieds, Hairys---use the tail prop as they should.  I keep this feeder on the main station so I can watch it easily and enjoy all of the guests: and there are many!  This is a great feeder that justifies its slightly higher premium cost.

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