Saturday, January 19, 2013

Feeder #3: Megatube

A couple of years ago I think it was, I picked up this high capacity seed feeder from Duncraft, with an eye to attracting goldfinches.  I reasoned that a full feeder would pique their continued custom.  And, after all, shouldn't two pounds of seed last a lonnnnnnng time?  Of course, the goldfinches ignored it.  The House Finches, on the other hand, did not.  And they quickly demonstrated that on a cold winter day, or any day for that matter, a pound of seed can vanish between dawn and dusk.  This feeder continues to be popular, but it is positioned from a a squirrel-resistant station on the north side of the house, and is reasonably possible to clean.  So it has grown on me as well.  Recommended? I think so.  Just make sure you can fill it conveniently.  And budget extra sunflower seed...

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