Thursday, January 24, 2013

Feeder #7: Problems to Be Solved

There's one feeder on the main tree that has been rather neglected this winter.  I mean to use it, but am only pulling the trigger very occasionally.  Because of a major problem.  You see, this would be the peanut butter feeder.  And the problem is squirrels.  I shielded the feeder--which otherwise works very well--with a steel cage and thanks to small physical quirks, the squirrels can get just close enough to lick up whatever peanut butter sits out there.  I haven't solved the problem yet, but perhaps that answer will come to me in the right minute.  That said, this is a food I really enjoy putting out as the birds go nuts for it, like this Brown Headed Nuthatch.  Even the cheap stuff from a "big box retailer" makes them very happy.  And this feeder is a good design.  It comes highly recommended!  When I do solve that problem...I will let you all know!

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