Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Feeder #6: Platform Fighting Squirrels

This sixth in our feeder flotilla is, like yesterday's subject, a hanging platform, but this one is designed to combat the furry grey menace.  The idea is that the grill on the floor of the feeder slows the squirrels down.  Unfortunately, they get in.  That feature does not work.  I see them shake the feeder back and forth, driving seed into the less well protected corners, where they lick up the seeds.  But I very much like this feeder because it is weather protected and relatively mess free.  And so I swapped out sunflower seed for safflower seed, repelling the squirrels in my own way.  And as such this feeder is a huge attraction for the Northern Cardinals.  So while this feeder didn't do exactly what was hoped, it was a valuable addition and brings a great deal to the main station party.

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