Sunday, January 27, 2013

Feeder #8: Basic Suet Basket

One of the least expensive feeders on the market is the basic suet basket.  It may be an entry level tool, but it's well worth keeping in the fleet.  I have two in active service at my north and southwest stations, and they are quite popular.  Suet moves briskly in each.  Many birds like this Red Breasted Nuthatch have no problems with a swinging perch.  And if the suet cake is a hot pepper product, the squirrels will stay away,  Admittedly this is not a great product for the longer tailed woodpeckers, but they will adapt if pressed.  Mine are used to a different model so the basket generally draws the smaller birds like Downy Woodpeckers, Carolina Chickadees, and Eastern Bluebirds.  I definitely recommend these as part of a birdfeeding station.  They're cheap and do the job!

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