Monday, January 28, 2013

Wish Fulfilled

It appears my long-time wish for a Baltimore Oriole ID on the property.  Back on January 9 I reported a mysterious new visitor that might have been a Baltimore Oriole.  Unfortunately I had two poor images and the city naturalist was unable to confirm that, or any other ID.  But he did say an Oriole would be most likely.  At last I found a good photograph of what can only be the same bird.  Let's step through the identification.  First, the yellow head.  My only prospects for winter in the southeast would be a Pine Warbler, which I know well, or the B.O.  The tail is consistent with an immature female Baltimore Oriole, as is the wing pattern.  And we are confined to the 1st fall female: an adult female would have a dark head and darker tail.  And the range and bill shape are consistent.  I'm sold: a Baltimore Oriole it is, and a young bird that may remember the good pickings here.  With luck she'll visit until my fruiting shrubs are mature enough allowing a real Oriole feast.  The future may hold such wonders.  Wish: fulfilled.

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