Monday, January 14, 2013

They're Ba-aack

January 14th is more or less the middle of winter (halfway between 12/1 and 2/28) and right on schedule the Yellow Rumped Warblers have made themselves at home at the feeders.  This is very typical behavior: the YRWs take their time moving from the natural food selections (wax myrtle berries are one) to my cafe offerings.  And when they do it's in a big way.  Some years have seen especially aggressive warblers who drive off any comers to the feeder(s) they see as theirs.  And by March I am quite ready to see the rascals pack up their bags.  But we assume the best and wait to see whether we have well mannered YRWs or demon-possessed ones.  The jury is still out.  But for certain they are here.

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