Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Wildlife Intercept Looking Good

Despite the ravages of nasty Miss Sandy (the ill-starred hurricane/superstorm of early November), I may hit the road again this month.  I admit to expecting a cancellation: one of my favorite refuges for the annual trek to the winter coast had been smashed by the storm and the approaching highway wrecked.  But the January blues are getting to me and word is most if not all my spots are likely accessible.  So I am starting to make my preparations.  It's always a treat to get out to these places off the beaten path.  Lake Mattamuskeet and Alligator River and Pea Island are all stars, and there are odd places in between that are always worth a look.  And darn it, I am way behind on my waterfowl quota!  So who knows? two weeks from now, if the weather holds out, it may be a great time to intercept some wildlife!

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