Monday, February 4, 2013

Feeder #11: The Worst Ever

Today's feeder was a disaster.  And it's an object lesson in what not to use in a birdfeeding station.  I used this for a few years before giving up in disgust.  It sure looked good, what with a weather break and a pull-away lid that seemed to offer easy cleaning.  But those ports (plastic) got filthy easily and were ugly to clean. And what is more, look carefully at the feeder and ask yourself how much of the seed at the bottom could be extracted by birds?  The port level is above the last half inch or so of seed.  And water gets in...too easily.  Result: molding seed.  The design flaws of the feeder quickly catch up with its otherwise cool look.  Folks, stay clear of designs like this.  Always be sure the bottom seed can get out.  And look askance at plastic!

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