Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Two Sack Problem

During the autumn I stopped by a local bird supply retailer and purchased a single 5# sack of halved peanuts for the nuthatches and other peanut lovers.  The clerk attempted the usual upsell, wondering if I might consider a larger quantity.  Why no, I explained to the astonished merchant, this should do for my entire winter needs.  I was truthful, but turned out to be wrong in the end.  I needed to obtain a second 5# sack a few weeks ago.  And that will definitely get me through the winter...because I only just opened that sack to carry me into March.  What happened?  my data were right assuming no industrious Red Breasted Nuthatches showed up.  This was a year for them and they have been very busy at the peanut feeder.  Well, I came close.  it may be only 7# or even 8# will get me to the Vernal Equinox.  Maybe I should have erred a little high...

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