Wednesday, February 20, 2013

House Hunting

It isn't March, but it is no longer winter in the purest since of the word.  For around here spring is making itself known in various ways.  And one of those ways is the start up of nesting operations.  During the Great Backyard Bird Count I watched some of the investigations---and more---from several species.  The one that seems farthest along comes from the White Breasted Nuthatches which, for the third year in a row, have cottoned to this nest box along the south edge of the property.  I know they're serious having successfully fledged young at least once and I believe twice.  All I can right now is watch what goes on because I am hesitant to drag a ladder out and investigate, risking a fright seen for the birds.  It's good to see the next phase of spring and a little continued success at one of the nest boxes.

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