Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Thinking of Migration

Winter is really winding down now in the Piedmont.  Some trees and wildflowers are in flower, frogs are calling, and even some of the bird species are making territorial calls.  I believe some of our perennials are even getting close to the first nest attempt.  And that all means that the Cary BirdCam resort will have some check-outs in coming weeks.  These Yellow Rumped Warblers will be among the early wave.  And we'll say goodbye to the Pine Siskins, Hermit Thrushes, Red Breasted Nuthatches, and those wonderful little juncos.  Somewhat later in spring the White Throated Sparrows will wave goodbye, probably even after I see the first hummingbird.  I almost can't believe all these birds will soon be gone...winter seemed long, but this gathering of winter species seems short to me, somehow.  So when does the first species depart? we shall see...soon.

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