Thursday, February 14, 2013

Time For The Great Backyard Bird Count!

At last it is time for the Great Backyard Bird Count!  We can start filing our lists beginning tomorrow and can count through Monday evening.  I am charged up to do this, having missed last year's due to a family emergency well out of town.  The big question is how many different species I will see this time around.  With the irruptives visiting for the winter a count as high as 42 species is possible based on my life list for the property.  But one never knows what odds and ends will cross the yard!  I am hoping to get off to a fast start with a 15 minute check tomorrow after the day's office labors are complete, and then dig in with multiple counts for the next several days, with extra attention early and late day.  If you're interested in doing the Count in your favorite location, visit their site!  And happy counting!  I will of course post my own updates here...

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