Saturday, March 2, 2013

Busy Nuthatches

We've been watching the White Breasted Nuthatches for the past week and it is clear they are well along in their first nest attempt effort for 2013.  One bird is in and out of the box constantly--the box this species has favored for three early springs in a row.  I can't discern whether we have hatchlings yet: I don't think so, but in past March was about the right time.  I sure would love to know what it is about this one box that attracts so many uses while other, similar boxes go begging.  It doesn't get that much sun, it's actually facing north, and isn't deep in woods.  Well, one must not be choosy.  The nuthatches at least find something acceptable here and that's a nice thing.  Now: when do we see fledglings? how many weeks?  Should be interesting!...

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